Dannielle Miller dispels the widely held belief that when it comes to our teenage daughters, it’s all too hard. She provides a sense of hope and asks us to capture the joyfulness that is part of being a young woman even when it’s temporarily hidden from view.

Prof David Bennett AO
, Consultant Physician in Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine and youth health advocate

Danni Miller – keep sparkling. You make a BIG BIG difference.

Andrew Fuller
, Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist | The Resilience Institute | Fellow, Departments of Psychiatry and Learning and Educational Development | University of Melbourne | Scientific Consultant for the ABC series "Whatever: the science of teens" | Ambassador for Mind Matters | Member, National Centre Against Bullying

Dannielle Miller is one of Australia’s leading girl champions. She is a wise, passionate voice for girls and her business Enlighten Education continues to grow every year bringing quality information and hope that helps girls become the best expression of themselves.

Maggie Dent
, Author and parenting and resilience educator

In a world where girls hear countless conflicting messages about how they should live and who they should be, Danni Miller is a guiding light. Educator, activist, writer, mother, friend, mentor, feminist – every aspect of Danni’s life and being is directed towards helping girls navigate their teen years not only safely but with actual joy. Rather than encourage girls to attempt to avoid pain through making themselves meek and ultra-cautious, Danni encourages them to confront the hard stuff and stomp all over it. She doesn’t just want girls to be okay – she wants them to be magnificent and to know it.

Emily Maguire
, Author of Princesses and Porn Stars and Your Skirt's Too Short

Dannielle Miller is the best girls’ educator and advocate in the country. Her advice is always wise, well-researched, and empowering. Frankly, her in-school programs and workshops are life-changing. I cannot recommend her work more highly.

Tracey Spicer AM
, Author and Journalist

Danni’s (or Gorgeous as known by the girls) presentation on ‘friendships’ was the second presentation she has delivered to our community and was engaging, interactive, insightful and practical. Her comment ‘Girls can’t be what they can’t see’ was a gentle reminder about the language we use to describe ourselves around the girls, as parents and as educators. Her 10-step guide has a profound and lasting effect on both our girls and our parent community.

Briony Trotter
, Head of Marketing & Community Relations, Wilderness School, Adelaide

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding contribution made to our Pearls of Wisdom Conference . . . Your presentation of Wake Up Sleeping Beauty was very well attended and received. Judging by the responses of the attendees (teary eyes, nods and recognition), I would say that you really hit on issues so relevant to parents of girls and reinforced in them the need to never stop loving their gorgeous girls. Dannielle, you are a special ambassador for our girls and a warm and engaging speaker.

Karen Christie
, President, Federation of Parents and Friends Associations, Dioceses of Maitland-Newcastle

We thought Dannielle Miller was terrific and I’ve had lots of comments from the girls that she was ‘the best speaker they have ever had!’. The response has been equally good from parents and staff, particularly young staff who have realised how important role modelling is as a teacher at the School. We appreciate Dannielle speaking with our community and we look forward to when she returns to Perth College.

Deb Perich
, InsideOut Director, Perth College

Danni was fantastic…our year 9 girls loved her workshops and were still ‘buzzing’ two days later…! The talk amongst the girls since has been so positive which is great to hear. I would definitely like to have Danni back again to run workshops with other year levels.

Nicki Schuster
, School Counsellor, Faith Lutheran School

Dannielle Miller is gold! Her rapport with our Year 7 girls (and then Year 8’s the following day) was instant! Their eyes and ears were glued to her the entire day. The topics covered were exactly what they needed to be and we believe that our students did walk away from the event more informed, more inspired and more self-confident. Thank you Enlighten Education.

Yvette Egonidis
, Year 7 Coordinator, Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School

I feel empowered, knowledgable, informed, motivated and inspired by the Butterfly Effect program… Well done Danni- you are the most engaging and eloquent speaker I have had the pleasure to experience! My little sister was in your workshop day 2 and she felt exactly the same way about it! Go the amazon Princess- you’re just gorgeous!

Jody Sullivan
, Barham High School

The girls were fully engrossed and involved in the program. It was positive and targeted exactly where the girls were at and what they needed to do for themself to ensure they gave themself the best opportunity to succeed. It was exciting to see them relate to other girls in their year that they would not normally share ideas with so openly. Thoroughly enjoyed all aspects and looking forward to having the program presented again at our school. The girls loved Dannielle and her interaction.

Vicky Jansen
, Careers Advisor, Evans High School

I was absolutely blown away today watching Dannielle Miller of Enlighten Education and ‘Educator of the Year,’ present to year 8 girls at Tara Anglican School. Danni is truly the teenage girl whisperer – I have never seen a group of teens respond to any educator the way they did with Danni! Thanks for all your awesome…work, fostering girls’ self-esteem, media literacy and interpersonal communication skills. Much love x

Lydia Jade Turner
, Managing Director & Psychotherapist, BodyMatters Australasia (www.bodymatters.com.au)

What a wonderful program for our girls! I know they will remember the experience many times during the futures they will all face…..with your expert advice and strategies I am confident all of them will be so much stronger and more ready for the challenges ahead. You allowed the girls (and teachers) the chance to learn, reflect, accept and be prepared. Dannielle, you were inspiring, dynamic and so appropriate for the girls and they had a really special day.. Thank you for making it possible

Meegan Flello
, Year 6 Teacher, St Angela‘s Primary School, Castle Hill

The Butterfly Effect was a fantastic event to hold for teenage girls. The methods by which the messages were delivered were directly relevant to the girls, making them extremely effective. The issues raised were all pertinent issues that had been identified throughout the year by the welfare team at the school, so it was great to see them addressed. The girls related well to Dannielle and really appreciated her honesty and ability to reveal herself. A fantastic program. Well done and thank you.

Jenny Cooper
, Jindabyne Central School

I just want you to pass on my thanks to Dannielle for an outstanding day today at Arden. I felt blessed to have been a part of such an empowering day for our girls. Dannielle engaged the girls from the start to the end of the day. The girls learned so much during the day that they can use throughout their lives. I wish that my own daughters could have had an opportunity to have been involved in a powerful day like this when they had been teenagers. Many of the students have given me such positive feedback about all of the sessions. Dannielle is an intelligent, warm, enthusiastic person who has great energy and passion for the education of girls. I am determined to have these sessions regularly at Arden in the future.Thank you.

Jo Graham
, Learning Support Coordinator K - 12, Arden Anglican School

All of our Year 10 students found the day to be enriching and insightful. Many girls are still talking about the day and the key messages that they learnt. They found the workshops meaningful and relevant as well as high energy and fun. There was certainly a great momentum about the day – all the activities interlinked and the summary at the end of the day was powerful. Dannielle’s personal story enabled girls to also validate their own ‘story’ – this was a great platform for great things to happen over the course of the day. Thanks again to Danni and Fran – a very powerful and meaningful day for students as well as staff.

Tracey Sullivan
, Year 8 Coordinator

Danni and Fran were professional and so relevant to our students in relation to the challenges that they face. There was positive feedback from both parents and students. The last session dealing with images in media was particularly powerful. We are interested in running this program in the future – thank you.

Julia Young
, Managing Director & Psychotherapist, BodyMatters Australasia (www.bodymatters.com.au)

From my first dealings with Enlighten I was delighted at the flexibility, professionalism and courtesy that I was shown. Dannielle is an excellent presenter and facilitator and it was inspiring to watch her with our girls. Personally my dealings with Enlighten have changed my perspective on life. I first saw Dannielle after she had done a workshop with my daughter. She spoke such sense and with such passion. I fully believe that every young girl needs to experience the enlighten workshops, they are so relevant in today’s society. Thank you for giving us that experience.

Lynne Sheville
, Year 6 Teacher, Kaleeen Primary School, ACT

Dannielle connected immediately with the girls. She was quick to establish a positive, assertive relationship which gave the girls permission to speak their minds but also know the boundaries. The safety tips were most appropriate for this age group and handled well in a very age-appropriate, sensitive manner. We all enjoyed the powerful messages that Dannielle so passionately expresses. Many thanks!

Dianne Spencer
, Assistant Principal, Coreen School

Dannielle performs magic! She is a fairy godmother to all those sleeping beauties sitting in classrooms and in playgrounds. She takes the girls on an inner journey of self-discovery in a very short time. One very magical day filled with sparkle and glitter. Dannielle’s gentle and loving touch coupled with her insights and expertise allowed each girl to soar to new heights. I love what Enlighten Education did for the girls. It’s amazing. It fits all girls’ needs perfectly. Enlighten Education is the most valuable educational workshop I have EVER used.

Fran Simpson
, Religious Education Coordinator, St John Vianney’s, Fairymeadow

It was a great day; the girls and staff have not stopped talking about how well Dannielle and Mel presented Enlighten Education. It was great to see the girls get so involved and emotional during some of the sessions. It really did have an impact on my year group of girls. It was a fantastic day and I am glad I have given my girls this positive experience which they can now take with them in their journey of life and realise that no matter what they look like or feel about themselves, everyone does have an Amazon inside of them.

, Year 9 Coordinator, Gilroy College

The girls thoroughly enjoyed the day, and I believe they took a lot away with them. The topics covered on the day were very relevant to the girls and where they are in their lives. Dannielle knew her material and knew how to reach out to the girls in a way that made them want to listen and change and take on board the messages she presented to them. The information night presented to parents was informative and the parents came away enlightened and with positive strategies on how to deal with their teenage girls. Parents were very grateful for the opportunity to listen to Dannielle. We will definitely invite Enlighten Education to work with our students again and hope we will have the opportunity for Dannielle to present to our parents again in the future.

, Year 8 Coordinator, Mt Lilydale Mercy College, Lilydale, Victoria

Enlighten provided the most successful presentation relating to Pastoral Care in our school in 2010. Dannielle’s understanding of the issues that influence self esteem and behaviour in teenage girls is evident. Even more importantly, many of our girls have commented on the way that Dannielle’s message has begun to influence their everyday attitude towards body image and the objectification of women in the media. St Clare’s will certainly integrate ‘The Butterfly Effect’ into our Pastoral Care program in the future.

, Assistant Principal, St Clare’s College, Waverley

In the girls’ session, Danni captivated the girls by her manner but continued to hold their attention because she is so aware of their issues, how they talk, what’s relevant. She gave strategies in some instances that are concrete and that can be practised and worked on. In the parents’ session, both speakers provided parents with information they need to know, strategies and highlighted how important it is to be aware of the issues, to speak to one another, etc. I think that this partnership between Enlighten and Moriah is one that we need to grow. It’s a very important relationship and partnership.

, Moriah College, Bondi Junction

I have had so many positive comments from the girls – as soon as I mention the presentation they all light up and tell me how much they want you back, some have told me that it was the best thing they have EVER done at school. Again thank you so much for your sessions Danni, they have been life changing for our girls.

, St Piux X High School, Adamstown

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