Dannielle Miller dispels the widely held belief that when it comes to our teenage daughters, it’s all too hard. She provides a sense of hope and asks us to capture the joyfulness that is part of being a young woman even when it’s temporarily hidden from view.

Prof David BennettAO, Consultant Physician in Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine and youth health advocate

Danni's work is extraordinary. She has led the charge on producing and delivering innovative programs for schools and corporates on complex issues of domestic and family violence, and has engaged participants in positive ways that generate real change. She is constantly thinking of clever ways to further advance knowledge and understanding of domestic and family violence, and enhancing a whole community's participation in solving it.

Annabelle DanielOAM, CEO Women’s Community Shelters

"Dannielle Miller is one of Australia’s leading girl champions. She is a wise, passionate voice for girls and her business Enlighten Education continues to grow every year bringing quality information and hope that helps girls become the best expression of themselves."

Maggie DentAuthor and parenting and resilience educator

"In a world where girls hear countless conflicting messages about how they should live and who they should be, Danni Miller is a guiding light. Educator, activist, writer, mother, friend, mentor, feminist – every aspect of Danni's life and being is directed towards helping girls navigate their teen years not only safely but with actual joy. Rather than encourage girls to attempt to avoid pain through making themselves meek and ultra-cautious, Danni encourages them to confront the hard stuff and stomp all over it. She doesn't just want girls to be okay – she wants them to be magnificent and to know it."

Emily MaguireAuthor of Princesses and Porn Stars and Your Skirt's Too Short

"Dannielle Miller is the best girls’ educator and advocate in the country. Her advice is always wise, well-researched, and empowering. Frankly, her in-school programs and workshops are life-changing. I cannot recommend her work more highly."

Tracey Spicer AMJournalist and author

"Danni Miller - keep sparkling.
You make a BIG, BIG difference."

Andrew FullerClinical Psychologist and Family Therapist
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Meet Danni Miller, OAM.

Best-selling Author, Teen Educator Speaker & Media Commentator

Dannielle Miller is a thought leader and expert in fostering resilience in teens.

She’s a major innovator in education and student welfare and has founded Australia’s leading provider of in-school workshops for teen girls, Enlighten Education. As a media contributor on parenting and women’s issues, Dannielle is regularly called upon as an expert commentator. She is an avid blogger and has written for several online and print publications. She is featured in education journals, and is a popular speaker at youth and education  conferences and forums.

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Best-Selling Author

Dannielle has written five books for parents and teen girls, including a best-selling title on raising happy, confident teen girls, The Butterfly Effect. Her books are published both in Australia, and in China.

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Teen Educator

Dannielle is the CEO and co-founder of Australia’s leading provider of in-school workshops for teen girls, Enlighten Education. Enlighten helps girls decode the mixed messages they receive and develop self-worth and resilience. She more recently established Goodfellas, a program specifically designed to encourage teen boys to deconstruct myths around masculinity.

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Media Commentator

Dannielle spent four years as the resident parenting expert for channel 9’s morning television programs. Her Opinion pieces have also appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and and online sites such as Daily Life and RendezView. She is a regular OpEd writer for the Saturday Daily Telegraph and a feature writer for News Corp’s Stellar magazine.

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Dannielle is a popular keynote speaker and has spoken at various education, youth and women’s conferences both nationally, and internationally.

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