Enlighten Education

Helping to raise amazing girls

The industry leader in workshops and in-school programs for teenage girls.

Created by experienced educators with a proven track record of success, Enlighten Education’s programs help teenage girls decode the mixed messages they receive and help them develop self-esteem and confidence. These programs are designed to be delivered in schools and are targeted at girls aged 12–18. In-school workshops cover everything from helping girls discover their own inner beauty, to managing friendships and even developing business plans. Enlighten encourages girls to reach their own conclusions and to know their own minds. Rather than telling girls what to do, we focus on informing, inspiring and empowering them. We encourage girls to be discerning consumers and critical thinkers and to find their own voice and power in a complex world.

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What about the boys?

Men working face-to-face with boys to start conversations that matter.

Boys need and deserve support just as much as girls do. As the mother of a son, this matters to me at a deeply personal level. Disengagement from school, the pressure to look buffed, feeling like they cannot express the full range of emotions, fall outs with their mates, limiting gender stereotypes… all are issues plaguing our boys. Meanwhile we also need to do the urgent work that is required to educate them in order to help eliminate violence against women. I believe boys need more strong male role models, so I recruited two highly experienced, qualified presenters with proven track records of working face-to-face with boys. Together we will create some really good fellas.

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