Are you are an international school educator, or a parent raising a teenager who has moved overseas to study, or a corporate looking to support your expat families?

Soar ensures teens make the best possible start to their high school education – whether they are new to a country and needing support to best settle in, or experienced global learners beginning secondary school for the first time.

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Praise for SOAR – Your ultimate guide to thriving as an expat student

Michael Johnston – SOAR

Both enjoyable and practical, this book helps prepare for one of life’s biggest transitions, a new country, culture, and school!

Michael Johnston
Head of School, Colegio Maya International School – Guatemala

Ali Horii – SOAR

This book is a go-to not only for students transitioning into a new school abroad, but also for parents in support of their students to help make the change to a new country, school and system a smooth and successful one. Having been an international student on two separate occasions at two different points in my school life, a book such as this would have offered the necessary advice on how to best manage and cope with the changes, socially, emotionally and academically. To be honest, advice such as this is highly relevant to students everywhere, whether they are starting school in a new country or local students in their regular system.

Ali Horii
Former expat student in Singapore/Japan and teacher in Japan

Jacquie Hills – SOAR

SOAR, a practical guide to support students moving country and changing schools. This constructive text provides students with sensible advice to support the move. Written in a down to earth way, this book gently guides the reader through some of the obstacles they may face along the way, and provides support through practical solutions. Helpful tips on making friends and tackling the demands of a new curriculum make it an invaluable resource for young people and their parents. Including comments from students who have already made the move and the A–Z of Study Skills Secrets, this will certainly support students with being able to “soar” in their new surroundings!

Jacquie Hills
Head of School Deputy Head (Curriculum), Kellett School, The British International School, Hong Kong

Dr Natalie Ferres – SOAR

This is an essential and engaging guide not only for expat teenagers but also for parents with a teen studying (or about to study) overseas and their corporate employers. Global assignments are growing and can be exciting for the individual and greatly beneficial for the organisation. But, they are risky too, with failure rates as high as 50%, often due to unexpected pressures. It’d be great to see some clever corporates provide this book to relevant staff. ‘Soar’ is an exceptional resource to help families with teens to settle (or resettle) into a different study context.

Dr Natalie Ferres
Director and Chief Connection Officer at management consultancy Bendelta Pty Ltd

Kelly Valder International school teacher, Dubai

Although Soar is aimed at students who are new to the expat school system, it will be just as useful for those who have been studying overseas for years. Ultimately, all young people can benefit from learning more about how to make positive friendships, how to be more thankful, and how to manage their own learning.

Kelly Valder
International school teacher, Dubai

Selina Baxby – SOAR

I think Soar will be invaluable for kids of all ages to navigate their way through, what can be, a very daunting transition into expat schooling. My kids loved their international adventure and this resource would have helped to alleviate some of that natural angst that goes hand in hand with changing countries as well as schools. I will definitely recommend it to my friends.

Selina Baxby
Psychologist and mother to expat students who have studied in Shanghai, Geneva and Singapore

Andrea Stanberg Teacher, United World College of South East Asia

Teenage-hood can be a stressful and bewildering time as young people forge their identity and make sense of the adult world to which they are approaching. Combined with a move overseas, this passage of development becomes even more stressful with answers being sought to questions not yet known. Soar not only provides the answers but helps frame the questions, giving clear, sensible advice, arranged in a logical manner, and easy-to-locate answers to questions not necessarily arriving in a linear time frame. It is a lovely, readable, personable approach that draws the reader in and makes you feel like the authors are your new best friends, helping you navigate your way through the plethora of social and study issues.

Andrea Stanberg
Teacher, United World College of South East Asia

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