The Butterfly Effect

A positive new approach to raising happy, confident teen girls

Dannielle wrote The Butterfly Effect to inspire parents to create their own new realities for their daughters. Talking to multitudes of girls every year in Australia and New Zealand, Dannielle’s message is authentic and passionate, and her book both celebrates and challenges the joy and beauty of teen girls in an age of raunch and consumer culture. The Butterfly Effect offers practical, intuitive and powerful strategies, and uses humor to disarm and open up new ways of looking at self-esteem, resilience, body image, friendship, consumerism, navigating the online world, overcoming girls’ fear of failure and finding positive role models.

Dannielle discussed The Butterfly Effect with Channel 7’s Sunrise

Praise For The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect is a must-have book for parents of teens, written by someone who really knows what the go is with the age group and what to do about it all . . .

Mother Driven (Website)
, Book review

This is the book we have been waiting for. It includes the most up-to-date research and finally gives parents positive, sensible strategies they can easily apply.

Dr Michele Beale
, general practitioner and stress management specialist

Dannielle Miller’s book is a must-read for all parents of teenage girls. The first thing that literally thumped me in the chest when reading this book was a total awareness and awakening of what is happening to our teenage girls. At a deep level, it resonated with me. The information is real, pertinent and totally relevant. Great work, Dannielle. Thank you for awakening me. Thank you for snapping me to attention and making me want to become a greater part of the solution.

, Mother of a teen girl

I just received my copy of The Butterfly Effect yesterday! I came into the room, and my 13-year-old daughter was reading it, and she said to me: ‘This is a really good book, Mum.’ Result! I can’t wait to read it myself . . . when I can prise it off my daughter.

Charlotte Bayer
, mother of a teen girl

Dannielle Miller is the teen girl whisperer.

Fran Simpson
, teacher and mother of a teen

Congratulations to Dannielle Miller for this much-needed resource for parents and teachers. In a culture that has become increasingly saturated with premature sexualisation, bullying, eating disorders, self-harm and self-hatred, The Butterfly Effect equips any parent or teacher with accurate insight and key strategies to help teenage girls navigate today’s social landscape. Sharing her own self-disclosures and tips for healthier, happier teens, Dannielle’s expertise as educator and mentor to teen girls is obvious to anyone working within the field. In contrast to other books, Dannielle does not take a hysterical nor doomsday approach to current day crises faced by girls – instead her book is one that supports, inspires and transforms its readers into positive role models in teen girls’ lives. As a psychotherapist specialising in disordered eating, I highly recommend The Butterfly Effect to anyone wanting to understand how to help teenage girls through the difficult challenges they face today.

Lydia Jade Turner
, Managing Director of BodyMatters Australasia

Dannielle Miller is not the first person to call attention to these issues, to the phenomenon of girls’ lives sometimes falling apart at the very threshold of womanhood . . . But she offers not only insight into adolescent girls as interesting works in progress, but also provides encouragement, solace and solution.

Clinical Professor David Bennett.

Everyone who loves a young girl must read The Butterfly Effect. Dannielle brilliantly takes the mystery and fear out of raising girls growing up in a culture which doesn’t like them very much.

Meg Meeker, M.D.
, best-selling author of Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: Ten Secrets Every Father Must Know

A lively, informative and engaging book filled with great advice and resources for both mothers and daughters.

Jean Kilbourne
, creator of the Killing Us Softly: Advertising's Images of Women film series


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