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Supporting Your Daughter to Successfully Navigate Girl World

Research tells us that friends are more important to teenage girls than even their parents or teachers. How do we best support our daughters to make friends? How do we help our daughters decide if a friendship is helping or harming them? How can we support our girls when they are caught up in girl-world drama or are the victims of “Mean Girl” style bullying? During this 1 hour 20 minute workshop, Dannielle Miller addresses these issues and equips parents and educators to support their girls to develop the skills they need to make safe, important decisions about their friendships.

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Wake Up Sleeping Beauty

Raising Amazing Girls

Join Dannielle Miller for a presentation on the issues affecting our daughters today. This seminar exposes the pain of teen-girl world – the body image crises, low self-esteem, and constant bombardment with toxic and hypersexual media and marketing portrayals of women. Dannielle reveals the reasons why so many teen girls today are stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted and angry, and why too many are binge drinking, self-harming or going on extreme diets. Most important, she draws upon her years of experience as an educator and student welfare advocate to give you the tools to help your daughter cut through the negativity and bloom into a happy, confident teen girl. The 1-hour talk is by turns shocking, inspiring, humorous, emotional – and ultimately empowering to you as a parent.

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