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As an educator, a businesswoman and a mother, it has long concerned me that while teenage girls are excelling as never before and may appear to be coping with the demands life throws at them, behind closed doors many are silently imploding. Pressure comes from many sources, especially the barrage of media, marketing and pop culture voices telling girls that their true worth is determined by how hot and how thin they are.

In 2003, I decided it was time to do something about it: I co-founded Enlighten Education, which is now Australia's leading provider of workshops for teen girls on body image, self-esteem and empowerment. Enlighten touches the lives of 20,000 girls every year across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

In 2014 I also launched a new initiative aimed at empowering young men. Disengagement from school, the pressure to look buffed, feeling like they cannot express the full rage of emotions, fall outs with their mates, limiting gender stereotypes…all are issues plaguing our boys. Meanwhile we also need to do the urgent work that is required to educate them in order to help eliminate violence against women. And because I believe boys need more strong male role models, I recruited two highly experienced, qualified presenters with proven track records of working face-to-face with boys and men to lead these conversations that matter. "Goodfellas" is a considered, positive and pro-active approach.

As a media contributor on parenting and women’s issues, I offer up solutions to the challenges girls and their mothers are facing. I am also an avid blogger on these issues and regularly contribute opinion pieces to national newspapers and websites like The Age, The Daily Telegraph, and sites such as Daily Life, The Hoopla, Feministing and News Corp Australia's popular opinion site RendezView.

I have been awarded the title NSW /ACT Small Business Champion Entrepreneur, received an Australian Leadership Award and was nominated twice for an Australian of the Year Award. The media has named me one of Australia’s emerging leaders (The Australian), one of Sydney’s most influential people (The Sydney Morning Herald) and one of the most inspiring women over 40 (Prevention). In 2014, I was a finalist for InStyle’s Women of Style Awards (Charity and Community Category).

As CEO, I am proud that Enlighten Education has been named the Australian Small Business Champion for Children's Services and was a finalist for an Australian Human Rights Commission Business Award. 

My book The Butterfly Effect gives women a new perspective on raising happy, confident teenage girls. The companion book, The Girl with the Butterfly Tattoo, which I wrote especially for teen readers, is a girl’s guide to claiming her power. I am also the co-author of Loveability, which offers teen girls a positive and empowering perspective on relationships. My latest title is Gratitude – A positive new approach to raising thankful kids. All my books can be purchased here.

My life's passion is to empower young people to grow into the bright, shiny adults they have the potential to be.

I am proud to have the opportunity to give back to the community and share my expertise in my role as a Board Member (Education Initiatives and PR) for "The Sanctuary, The Hills Domestic Violence Service & Shelter." I am also an Ambassador for The Mirabel Foundation (a charity that supports children who have been removed from their homes due to illicit drug use), and a Champion for Pregnant Pause (a non-profit initiative that aims to eliminate Foetal Alcohol Syndrome).

I was asked to join Germaine Greer, Eva Cox and Tara Moss at the Sydney Opera House as part of the Festival of Dangerous Ideas in 2012. Click on the image below to watch our full one-hour panel discussion: “All Women Hate Each Other.”

All women


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